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Budget Billing

Budget billing is a method used to charge an even monthly amount to a customer’s bill based on an estimated consumption profile.  The consumption profile is calculated over a six month period. However, if we determine that the customer has used more than the estimated amount, customer should make payment immediately on a quarterly basis when the entire bill amount becomes due.

To be eligible for budget billing you must:

  • Have a credit rating of excellent, good or fair.
  • Account must be in the individual’s name.
  • Have a 12 month billing history at your current location.
  • Be current in your electricity payments.
  • Agree to pay the full budget amount each and every month by the due date.
  • Agree than any payment less than the budget amount will be subject for disconnection.
  • Agree that if disconnected for non-payment, the account is not eligible for budget billing for a calendar year.
  • Agree that budget billing accounts are ineligible for time extensions or payment arrangements.
  • Entire bill amounts will be settled every quarter for the current year.  

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