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Damage Claims

Claims refers to the request for compensation for damage (s) sustained to an electrical installation or equipment due to poor power quality or causes preventable through maintenance and proper workmanship.   A claim may be lodged by a Customer by mail, e-mail, or fax sent to the Customers Care Department or alternately via


The Belize Electricity will either accept or deny liability for damages after a thorough investigation of an incident has been completed. 

How does it work?

1) Customers claiming for damages to their installation and/or electrical equipment caused by voltage variations shall:


  • Be an active Customer
  • Provide proof of being inhabitant of premises where alleged damage occur
  • Show proof of ownership of damaged installation or electrical equipment
  • Proof of preexistence of installation and or electrical equipment in the premises.

 2) Belize Electricity Limited shall have absolutely no responsibility for damages caused by:


  • Circumstances beyond its control – this refers to Acts of Nature that is, unforeseeable occurrence arising from natural causes such as lightning, storms, etc including power disturbances that are caused by environmental conditions.
  • Planned outages
  • Inadequate protection of equipment/installation
  • The failure of sanctioned equipment where the equipment was installed and maintained according to approved standards
  • The actions of parties not under the direct control of the company  

3) Where the Company is liable, the following guidelines will be used to assist in determining a settlement:


  • Where a loss has occurred, customer will be compensated for repair cost or depreciated value of item(s). 
  • Repair invoices and diagnosis from a recognized repair center must support claims for repairs.  
    If the items are beyond repair, the damaged items must be delivered to BEL and a release must be signed before the check (representing the depreciated or salvage value of the item/s) is handed over to the customer.

What do customers need to do?

  • Report incident to BEL no more than 30 days after it occured.
  • The claim form must be properly completed.
  • Provide exact date and approximate time of incident.
  • Provide purchase date of item(s) damaged.
  • Provide brand and serial number of item(s) damaged.
  • Provide purchase price of item(s) damaged.
  • provide us with a contact number and advise when someone will be at home so that this can be done as soon as possible.
    Once we are in receipt of your completed form one of our field service technicians will need to visit your home to inspect the damaged item and verify the adequacy of your electricity.
Call US TOLL FREE: 0-800-BEL-CARE (0-800-235-2273)

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