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Customer Capital Contribution

For connections that exceeds the regular residential service with available infrastructure, a quotation will be provided for customers to make a Customer Capital Contribution (CCC) toward a line extension or a Commercial installation that is in need of electrical infrastructure.

Line Extensions:

The Belize Electricity (BEL) will absorb the first 300 Ft of line which includes transformation costs, service drop charges and road crossing infrastructure for any residential line extension project. The beneficiary shall be responsible for any difference in line distance. This process can include multiple beneficiaries and the CCC will be determined using this methodology.

For commercial line extensions, the estimate to provide service will be exposed through an economic analysis where CCC will be dictated by Customer usage and other factors which include unrecoverable items, cost of power and fixed costs. Normally the more income generation is forecasted the cost sharing portion of BEL increases.

Commercial installations:

For any installation that exceeds 200 amps service, customers will be expected to make a CCC based on the economic analysis result of the project. Once more, the CCC will be determined primarily by customer load profile/usage and other factors which included cost of power, unrecoverable items and fixed costs.


  • Application – Customer are expected to submit an application requesting service. Residential Customers will require activating an electrical account where a field visit will follow to address needs. Commercial customers will require submitting a load profile authenticated by a licensed electrical contractor and approved by the PUC.
  • Estimate – An estimate will be generated which will include the total cost of providing service to both residential and commercial customers. After economic analysis a final quotation will be provided to the customer highlighting the CCC and BEL’s investment portion. For residential line extensions, an estimate will be generated which calculates the difference in distance required by customer to obtain adequate service.
  • Payment - Once estimate is accepted by customer, payment is made and works are then scheduled to be implemented. Standard time frame for works is 10 to 14 weeks from date of payment.
  • Activation of Electrical Account - Commercial Customers are required to activate an electrical account and can do so at any stage of the process. Residential customers must activate an account from the initial stages of application. At the time of application, customer must also submit a “Wireman Certificate for Fitness Turn-On”.
    Commercial Requirements – Service installations that exceed 200 amps will require the installation of Current Transformers (CT’s) to be provided by BEL.
  • Charges – A standard new service charge of $ 200.00 and a deposit ($50.00 to $100.00 for residential customers) must be paid during the application process. Commercial customers should follow the below list of approved deposits by the PUC to determine the most applicable one.
  • Inspection – A BEL representative will conduct an inspection to confirm that the service installation meet the requirements of company’s related standards as per BEL’s service installation manual.
  • Connection – Once inspected and ready for connection, project/premise will be energized. BEL will only connect service once all requirements have been met.
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